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The University Bookstore has a rental program.  A number of titles will be available to rent.  Rental books must be returned to the Bookstore by the last day of finals in good condition or your NIU account will be charged for the text book.  If your text book is available to rent the Rental option will appear next to the New and Used options.  You will need to agree to the rental conditions to complete the transaction.  We will be adding more text books with the Rental option as more books are adopted. 


rental books will be half the price of a new or used text book i.e. $200.00 New - $100.00 to rent.  If the book is not returned to the Bookstore on time and in good condition the Bookstore will charge your NIU account for the full price of the book - in this example $200.00.  Please check back frequently to see if your book is available to rent.

     The University Bookstore has partnered with Verba to provide a much wider selection of books and rentals.  Simply click on the box that appears next to your text book to compare prices.

The University Bookstore continues to search for ways to lower the cost of text books for students.  Whenever possible the Bookstore has used books on hand as a cheaper alternative and the Bookstore hopes to expand our Rental program in future semesters.